Euthanasia is an extremely difficult and painful decision, but can be seen as a final act of kindness to your beloved pet to end pain and suffering. We work with you to ensure you’re happy with your pet’s comfort level in passing to the rainbow bridge. All pet parents should have the option to euthanize their pet in a comfortable, safe environment. Your home is a familiar and peaceful place and we want to make your pet’s euthanasia as dignified as possible for everyone involved.

How do we conduct euthanasia?

Pet euthanasia is an overdose of anesthesia. A tired, relaxing, falling asleep feeling is what your pet experiences. First, a calming sedative is given by injection into the muscle. This injection stings a little but peaceful relaxation and full unconsciousness sets in over the following 5-15 minutes. Next, an injection into a vein is given. As the anesthesia overwhelms the brain and shuts it down, the breathing slows and stops within 30 seconds.

In some cases, faster breathing can occur before it ceases. You may also see that your pets eyes remain slightly open, his/her skin may twitch, and the tongue may relax out of the mouth. Occasionally, one to three sudden deep breaths occur. None of these signs indicate distress to your pet. He/She will remain completely unconscious throughout the procedure.

 Things to do ahead of time:

  • Set aside a large dry towel and a blanket or bed sheet to wrap your pet in
  • Consider lighting candles, playing relaxing music, laying out blankets and pillows, and reading a poem or prayer
  • Decide if a special location is appropriate: in the yard under a tree, for example (weather permitting)
  • Decide who wants to be there
  • There are no food restrictions before or during our visit

If you are not planning on burying your pet at home, we can help you with crematory arrangements

Please visit for grief support.